Call Your MPP

A telephone call with your Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) is the best way to pressure them against the Lockdown. Although you may not hear back from your MPP, every phone call helps. The pressure of the embarrassment of not calling back a constituent because an MPP cannot justify the lockdown policy, may lead them to advocate against the lockdown. But in most cases, an MPP should afford a constituent with a 15 minute phone call – demand it – your MPP works for you.

Scheduling a call with your MPP

  • Contact your MPP regardless of their Party affiliation. Pressure should be applied on government MPPs (PCs) and Opposition MPPs (NDP, Lib, Green).
  • If you aren’t sure who your MPP is, look them up by postal code at the following link.
  • Call their Constituency Office number - Google it or find it on the Legislative Assembly Website.
  • Tell the staff/reception that you are a constituent. It helps to indicate that you voted for the MPP in the last election (if that is the case).
  • Tell staff/reception that the lockdown is devastating to your family, children, health, mental health, employment or whatever you deem appropriate AND that you wish to convey that by way of a 15 minute call with the MPP
  • Be polite but firm. Tell reception that the MPP works for his or her constituents and that you insist on a 15 minute phone call.
  • Do not accept that the MPP is too busy. Most days they are not sitting in Parliament, they are not doing events now and it is their duty to hear from constituents.
  • If you cannot get a call, inform the staffer/reception that you will hold the MPP responsible by doing everything possible that they lose their seat. Tell them the MPP should not take you for granted and that you, your family, your neighbours and everyone else you can convince will vote against the MPP in the June 2022 election.

If/Once you get a call with your MPP

  • Introduce yourself and tell them where you live. Indicate that you voted for the MPP in the last election (if that is the case).
  • Tell them how the lockdown is hurting you and your family – it could be yours or someone’s health, mental health, school or loss of employment/business and so on. Make it personal to you.
  • Do not accept the narrative that lockdown is saving lives. By now the MPP knows just how harmful the lockdowns is.
  • Tell them that you will not forgive the harm done to you and your family and that you will do everything possible to vote Doug Ford out of office. That means voting and campaigning against your MPP. Tell them that you will convince your family, neighbours, friends and everyone else you know regionally to vote against them
  • Remind them that they represent you and not Doug Ford. Ask them what they will do to help you and if they are willing to stand up to Doug Ford and demand that he Lifts the Lockdown
  • End politely by telling the MPP that he should not take his set or constituents for granted.