MPP Outreach Day

Together with many friends and supporters, we are launching a Province wide MPP Outreach Day. We must increase the pressure on all MPPs to do whatever they can to end the lockdown and prove that they are in fact doing so.

We ask that you send an email to your MPPs Constituency Office today. Click here to find your MPP by postal code and then google their constituency office email address. Below is a sample email for you to consider, but feel free to modify it as you see fit. MPPs must be put on notice that you, your family and neighbours will vote against them, unless they provide you with proof of their written effort to end the lockdown.


Dear MPP ___________,

My family and I are your constituents living on __________ (Rd/Street/Ave). We voted for you in the last election and expected you to represent us at Queen’s Park.

The lockdown is causing a catastrophic effect on the health, mental health and economic well-being of Ontarians. It's causing a devastating toll on our children. Kids must be back at school and resume playing sports.

I ask that you write an email or letter to Premier Ford, opposing any extension of the stay at home order and asking that the lockdown be lifted immediately.

Please provide me with a copy of your email/letter.

If you don’t write such an email/letter or don’t send me a copy of it, myself and my family will vote against you in next year’s election and will persuade my friends and neighbours to do the same.

Thank you in advance, I look forward to receiving a copy of your email/letter to Doug Ford.

(Your Name)

(000) 000-0000