Write/Email Your MPP

Writing to your MPP is a very effective pressure tactic. MPPs get a lot of email and mail – most of it is read by the staff and not brought to the attention of the MPP. The way to get around this is a customised letter, which articulates a specific concern (not a template). Tell the MPP how the lockdown affects yourself or your family specifically. Make it personal if possible – the MPP will not disclose your letter without permission. It also helps to articulate a demand that if not followed will cost the MPP votes.

Feel free to use this example as you see fit, but try to rephrase the letter to make it personal to you.

Dear MPP (Last Name),

My family and I are your constituents living on __________ (Rd/Street/Ave). We voted for you in the last election.

The lockdown imposed by Doug Ford is doing incredible harm to me and my family.

[Describe how the lockdown is hurting you, your family, your children, employment/business or whatever you see fit. Make it personal and sympathetic.]

I ask that you write an email or a letter to the Premier asking to lift the lockdown immediately and provide me a copy of your letter.

If you don’t write such an email/letter or don’t send me a copy of it, myself and family will vote against you in next year’s election. I will also convince my neighbours, friends and everyone else I know in the town/city/region to vote against you.

You are welcome to call me at (000) 000-0000, but an email/letter to the Premier demanding that he lifts the lockdown immediately is non-negotiable. Thank you for your understanding and for representing us.

(Your Name)